Monday, September 22, 2008

Bangladesh Meeting #2

Saturday we had our second meeting. Andrea and Tim Danz were our special guests. They will be going to Bangladesh in 8 weeks for FH. They're plan is to be in Bangladesh for the next 3 years. Year one will be intensive training which includes learning the language. Years 2 and 3 will in the town of Bogra, Bangladesh. When our team arrives in Dhaka in January, Andrea and Tim will be there to greet us.
I am blessed. God has given me yet another huge tangible confirmation that I am going across the world for His glory. All my financial support has been satisfied. All additional money that comes in will be used for the rest of the team. Our airline tickets will be purchased in October or November.
We will be applying for our Visa's in November. Everything is falling into place.
Trusting that God's directing every move we make.
I have gotten serious about eating less food. My niece was a missionary in Nicaragua for 2 months this summer and observed how much more food we (in the USA) consume then most other parts of the world. I have thought about that alot. I can easily eat less food and not starve. Not even close. I would like to lose a few pounds before this trip so this is a great opportunity. Squat toilets are not easy to use. Another reason to drop a few pounds.
Have I said before I am the oldest of the 7 ladies on our team. We have a tentative team name. Indy Doers. Our team members are, Lisa, Nancy, Deanna, Sarah, Amy (team leader),Sandy and me.
If you feel so inclined, please be in prayer for this team as we build rapport and continue to prepare for this God lead mission.
Peace and Blessings,

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Donna said...

It progresses .. I continue to pray that your trip will have an impact on those you go to minister to as well as on your life.



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