Monday, February 2, 2009

I'm Back

I'm Back
Thank-you to all of you who prayed while I was in Bangladesh. I am home. It was an incredible experience. The people are some of the most beautiful, generous, kind people in the world. They so appreciated our team wearing clothes that are customary in their country. Our team numbered 7. One evening we were lead on a walk by Chelsey from the FHI office to the mission house we were staying in. Imagine how 8 white women looked walking through the streets of Dhaka at 8pm at night. Chelsey overheard a man say in Bangla, "look they are Bangladeshi". The man was being complimentary. It made us feel good about following their customs of modesty. It made us feel good to know we were accepted.
I think every child in Bangladesh knows 3 statements. "How are you?" "I am fine." "Thank-you very much." Everywhere we went we heard the same 3 statements. Sometimes one statement right after another. They also loved it if we said anything in Bangla. So we knew 3 statements in Bangla. My faves were "Donobud"(thank-you), "Shomoshinae"(no problem), "amar nam Linda"(my name is Linda) "duey chili"(2 boys) "duey mae"(2 girls) "shat nati"(7 grandkids) I always got a gasp from that statement. One older lady started feeling my face after I said it.
I found joy in everything I saw and felt. Even though there was hard things to see and hear. I saw hope. I saw women empowered by FCT groups. I saw women saving money and starting businesses to earn extra money for their families. I saw communities holding each other accountable to learn to read, learn basic laws, good health practices and good hygiene practices.
God is doing incredible work in Bangladesh through FHI.


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