Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mocha Frosting made with Trehalose

Trehalose....What is it?

*"Trehalose - a versatile, natural and healthy sugar

You may not have heard about Trehalose but I'm sure you will have heard about diabetes - in a strange way they are connected. Trehalose is a relatively recent discovery and just 12 years ago Trehalose was confined to the research labs and academics. TREHALOSE is NATURAL and CONTAINS NO CHEMICALS. The breakthrough came in Japan about 15 years ago when a scientist managed to get an enzyme to convert simple starch into Trehalose. This breakthrough enabled Trehalose to reach many more places and today it is used widely in the cosmetic industry, skincare, food preparation and the freezing of living organisms for transportation or research - called cryo-preservation. Trehalose has the ability to stabilise proteins and that's one of its major uses in the food industry. Trehalose was first used in Japan to help in the preparation of sushi where it helps with stability, flavour and shelf life. Learn about Trehalose and how it can aid healthful living. It is a viable, natural alternative to sucrose (white table sugar) and research suggests that it is a good alternative natural sweetener and much better than Aspartame or Nutra Sweet - oh and an added benefit is that you will have better energy levels throughout the day.
When eaten it has a very low effect on the blood glucose level and hence is very useful for diabetics.
Due to its ability to stabilize protein it may also have some benefits in terms of aiding neurological degenerative diseases."
WOW, sounds almost to good to be true! Especially the last statement, "some benefits in terms of aiding neurological degenerative diseases." Give me some! I ordered 10 lbs. I found it for $4-lb from You don't have to buy a membership to order the "essentials". I can thank my dad for turning me on to this sweet brain food. 
Granulated Trehalose
Blend until Trehalose is powdered
Ever since I got my first 5-lbs in I wanted to try making cupcake frosting with it. So today, I finally had a day in the kitchen to experiment. 

Experimenting I did. First thing I needed to do was make powdered trehalose/sugar out of granulated trehalose/sugar. I used a blender to accomplish this. Pulse in the blender for 2 to 4 minutes until the granulated sugar is a fine powder.

Recipe follows:

Mocha Frosting made with Trehalose

  • 1/2 cup Earth Balance coconut spread OR butter
  • 3 cups powdered Trehalose 
  • 2 Tbs cocoa
  • 2 Tbs warm water
  • 1 pkg Starbucks VIA micro ground coffee (mixed in the 2 Tbs warm water)
  • Use 1 pkg SB VIA
  • 1 to 2 Tbs additional warm water to desired consistency.

Earth Balance Coconut Spread

1. Whisk together powdered sugar and cocoa.
2. Using a hand mixer, cream softened coconut spread and half the powdered Trehalose.
3. Incorporate the rest of the Trehalose and the strong coffee into the mixture.
4. Add additional warm water blending to desired consistency for piping or spreading frosting on cupcakes.
Mocha Frosting
This is not a product that disappoints with bitter aftertaste or gastro-intestinal discomfort. 
It has a crisp clean sweetness that satisfies and doesn't create a residual craving that demands over eating and eventual discomfort. Trehalose is now a staple item in my pantry and replaces white table sugar for good. It will also be replacing agave, honey, maple syrup and coconut nectar in some recipes.

You can order Trehalose here for $4 per lb. I purchase 5 lbs at a time. I have not baked with Trehalose yet but will be experimenting very soon. Trehalose is about 45% the sweetness of sucrose(regular table sugar).

A special thanks to The Wannabe Chef for the original recipe I used as a guideline for this recipe adaptation Mocha Frosting made with Trehalose.
Let me know what recipes you are using Trehalose in.
*Trehalose information taken/copied from


Anonymous said...

WOW this was the best Cupcake and frosting I have ever tasted! I can't wait to get my order of coconut cupcakes with Mocha Frosting! <#

Unknown said...

Thanks April! I loved sharing my cupcakes with you yesterday! I hope Josh liked his cupcake as much as you did! Love you!

Sherry said...

I went to the link and ordered some of this sweetener as well as hemp seed. I like hemp seed and it was on the essential list at this company!

Sherry said...

I made this cupcake and frosting recipe. In two days I will take them to a family dinner. Wesley, my 25 year old says they taste good and very sweet also the cupcakes are a bit oily. I think they are so sweet-- just like a traditional cupcake. There is no giving up sweet or taste satisfaction with this recipe! They are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Trehalose can possibly lead to illness or death.

'Healthy' sugar additive in cream cakes, nutrition bars and chewing gum has fueled the rise of a deadly superbug, study warns
Texas researchers found that trehalose is metabolized by Clostridium difficile
C. diff (as it is known) is a potentially deadly bacterium for humans


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