Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Join me in this new journey

I am making my maiden voyage into foodie blogging. It's pretty big right now. Recipes galore for every style of specialized diet.  Colorful pictures of food close up and personal.
You can be assured I will be posting some of those pictures also.

My goal is to introduce you to grain-free and refined sugar-free cooking and, of course, eating.
My next post will show you what I have stocked in my pantry and where I got it.  There are few ordinary ingredients and it takes some effort to stock what you need to make some of these incredible recipes. It is well worth the effort. Once your pantry is stocked with some basics your ability to produce delicious grain-free and sugar-free recipes will be as easy as it was before you tossed out the white sugar and flour.

Grain-free is always gluten-free but gluten-free is not always grain-free. Nuts and seeds will take the place of grain flours and stevia, honey, coconut nectar and agave and other low glycemic index sweeteners take the place of white sugar.
Fresh meats and veggies satisfy your hunger while grains and sugary food only create a craving for more food. Our bodies are craving good nutrition. Processed foods never satisfy that craving.

There are lots of resources why you might choose a grain-free and sugar-free lifestyle. I'll give you the links later so you can make your own educated decision.

My choice came out of my desire to maintain a healthy weight and eat delicious foods and not feel deprived of treats.
My hope is that this will somehow expand your desire make healthier food choices. 


Sherry said...

I'd like you to comment on how much weight you've lost, and post before and after photos of yourself.

Unknown said...

Hummm..There is a before picture of me in your profile picture, LOL
That will be a future blog.


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