Thursday, August 9, 2012

Honeyville Grains

Hey peeps!!
An important part of being able to cook this new healthier way is stocking your pantry with odd ingredients to make these deliciously odd recipes.

WELL it's time to stock your pantry!!!

I get my almond flour and coconut flour at Honeyville Grains. They occasionally have a sale and guess what. They are having a sale.

15% off until next Tuesday, August 14, 2012. Just use the code SPLASH at checkout.Remember to click the apply button to activate your discount. Don't expect to get a discount on the shipping cost. It's already really low. $4.49 to ship your WHOLE order, no matter how much you order.

Everything you order is 15% off. So check out the site and buy some blanched almond flour and coconut flour.
These are vital pantry items that will make it so much easier to make the incredibly delicious recipes you will find here and other paleo recipe blogs.

My hope is you will find recipes that are satisfying and healthy and entice you to think differently about what foods your nutrition comes from.

Delicious nutritious REAL foods are easy and fast to make when you have the foods in your pantry.


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