Sunday, December 7, 2008

Our next to last official meeting

Saturday was our next to last official meeting. We each got 2 boxes filled with "hope packs". Andrew and Cameron of FH, hand delivered them to us on Thursday. Each box is filled with 25 gallon size ziplock bags filled with school supplies to be delivered to the FH office in Bangladesh. Once in the hand of the FH office in Bangladesh they will be distributed to teachers in the FH run schools there. Each bag contains a tablet of paper, box of crayons, colored pencils, pencil sharpener, 12 inch ruler, 2 pens and pencils and an eraser.
These "Hope Packs" were assembled by a mission that partners with FH to distribute the packs they put together. You can find out more information about them by going to The packs are assembled by special needs adults. We are honored to be a part of this mission.
The children in Bangladesh have very little and when they can't pay for their school supplies they simply stop going to school. This is a common problem in this country.


Donna said...

I was wondering how things were going for your big adventure. Thanx for the update.

Maison au Belecursos said...

Thannks for this blog post


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