Saturday, June 16, 2012

US Open in San Francisco

I went to the US Open in San Francisco!!! Totally on the fly!! Can you hear my excitement?? Here's the proof.

I know this is off subject from my usual subject matter but I promised my new pilot friend from United Airlines I would let him know I made it to the Open. Thanks for your encouragement friend!!!
BTW Keep your eyes on Beau Hossler. A 17 year old amateur that is giving the professional golfers a run for their money. He cracked up after a few good holes and finished 3 over. He made the cut and is only 3 strokes off from the leaders. You go BEAU!!
I promise I'll be back on my subject matter for my next post.
Oh yeah, Did I mention I got my picture taken with Charles Howell III?


Anonymous said...

So cool!

Deb said...

You sure that pic of you and Howell isn't photoshopped?? LOL

Unknown said...

I'm sure it was. It was a fun computer enhanced picture. The trophy was the real deal though! Was a super experience.


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